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Lift Your Affiliate Marketing Business to the Next Level with affLIFT

A way to earn money from home -- that is what most people are looking for nowadays, especially since many are stuck at home, waiting out the pandemic. One of these ways is to enter the affiliate marketing industry.

However, affiliate marketing is not like any other job -- it is a whole different beast. Thousands have tried and to be honest, not many have succeeded. To become an affiliate marketer, it’s not enough to Google for tips and guides; you have to be in the middle of the action. You need to be updated with the trends, the tools, the events, and more. To be at the heart of it all, you have to be part of an affiliate marketing community. What best way than to join a forum?

There are several of these affiliate marketing forums around; a true testament to how essential it is. One that is making waves recently is affLIFT. What exactly is affLIFT and how can it help you succeed in affiliate marketing? Let’s find out.

affLIFT: A Brief Background

affLIFT is one of the youngest affiliate marketing communities today, having been established in 2018. Being the most recently built affiliate forum does not mean it is the least performing one, though. Quite the opposite, affLIFT seems to be reviving the “team spirit” that this industry once had. While other forums seemed to dwindle, affLIFT is blazing forward.

affLIFT was founded by no less than Luke Kling, former Director of Marketing of now-defunct Peerfly. He is a well-known figure in the affiliate marketing industry and has never backed down from helping new affiliates gain their ground, without asking for anything in return.

His passion for helping fellow affiliates succeed is very evident in the forum. He is very active there; you can even send him a personal message within the forum and expect him to reply in a day or so (if not in a few hours!). Now that is one good characteristic of a forum anyone would like to be a part of -- that you can easily reach out to the founder.

affLIFT Best Features

So now that we have a background about affLIFT, let’s talk about what makes this forum one of the best of its kind, and whether or not it is worth your time and money to join.

1. Beginner-Friendly Affiliate Marketing Guides

Whether you are a complete newbie or a seasoned affiliate, you will appreciate how beginner-friendly the guides are. If you are a noob, this forum would feel like a one-stop-shop for you.

The marketing guides are discussed thoroughly, down to the last detail of what button to press. If you are totally clueless in the beginning, you'll come out feeling confident about what to do next.

You’ll find guides on how to choose an offer, properly set-up a campaign, integrate a tracker, manage your bids, optimize your ads, and a whole lot more.

affLIFT Featured Articles affLIFT Guides

But that doesn't mean all guides are basic. Some can help even seasoned affiliate marketers, especially when it comes to new traffic sources, ad formats, or optimization techniques.

There is something for every topic, and if you can’t find what you need, you can always start a thread to find answers.

2. Responsive Community with Expert Mentors

It's not uncommon to feel stuck when you're already running ad campaigns. What's the next step after you see a specific trend with your traffic? You've spent this much but you're still on the red, what do you do?

If you're alone, you'll be pulling your hair out. But if you're part of a community, you can post your concerns and wait for community members to provide insight. However, not all forums have responsive members. The great thing about affLIFT is that you can expect someone to reply, whether to cheer you on or to provide constructive feedback. To top it off, you can expect responses from masterminds in the business like Luke, Servando Silva, Nick Lenihan, and more.

affLIFT Expert Mentors

3. Establish Connections

affLIFT is a great place to establish connections, not just with fellow affiliates but also with networks and providers. This is advantageous especially to beginners who don’t know which networks to work with or practically anyone in the industry. You might even get lucky and be offered freebies.

Also, if you ever encounter an issue with your traffic provider or CPA network and you can’t get hold of anyone, you might find one of their representatives in affLIFT. This forum has fostered partnerships with a lot of industry stakeholders after all.

4. Live Case Studies and Follow-Alongs

Is there a chance that you’ll actually earn from affiliate marketing even if you enter it so late in the game? Of course! But don’t just take our word for it. Look for proof that you can actually make money. What best way than to see live case studies and to read through follow-along posts?

affLIFT Follow Alongs

Case studies can show you exactly what you need to do to succeed using actual offers, traffic source, ad format, tracking set-up, landing pages, and more. You can see the steps done to ensure that the promotion of a specific offer succeeds. If you have access to the same offer or if you can find similar ones, then you can run the campaign exactly as shown.

A follow-along is a post thread that basically anyone can set up. While case studies are usually just beneficial to the reader/viewer, follow-alongs are beneficial to both parties.

Thread starters can benefit from posting a follow-along as they can receive guidance and insight from community members. Readers can benefit from the same by seeing how things are set-up, what can be done to improve the campaign, and what should be done to avoid failure.

5. Bonuses and Monthly Contests

This is one of the most exciting features of affLIFT. Members can get bonuses for joining CPA networks, extra credit for creating accounts in ad networks, or discounts on specific affiliate marketing tools like trackers and optimizers.

Contests are held regularly to push affiliates to start promoting offers. The rules to join are pretty simple; usually, it’s just to create a follow-along or leave a review on any affiliate marketing tool or network. The prizes include cash, free subscription to paid tools, additional credit to run paid campaigns in specific traffic networks, and so on.

affLIFT Contests Giveaways

There’s a contest every month, so if you failed to join the previous month, you can always jump in the following month. Anyone can participate. Here is proof that rewards are really being paid out to lucky winners:

affLIFT Contest Winners

Imagine this, not only are you being encouraged to get up and start working your affiliate marketing journey, but you are also being rewarded for it.

6. Landing Page Examples and Builder

Pro affiliates will say it again and again, to increase your chances of converting, you must use a landing page. However, creating one is not that easy at all.

With affLIFT, you’ll have access to landing page sample templates which you can easily implement and modify according to your needs. All you have to do is upload the templates to your hosting, and you’re good to go.

Some landing pages usually come from spy tools (such as Anstrex and AdPlexity), which means other affiliates are using these and experiencing success. These landers were already cleaned, so you can be sure that you can immediately launch your campaign without problems.

affLIFT Landing Page Builder

Members also have access to a landing page builder that is free to use without limits. It’s a drag-and-drop builder that allows you to prepare responsive landers with ease and without a need for coding knowledge.

7. Affordable Price

affLIFT is not a free forum. However, with the amount of value you can get from it, their subscription fee is not just reasonable, but actually quite affordable. The information and content you receive are equal to what is being given in more expensive affiliate forums.

The monthly subscription fee is only $20, which is a good option if you want to look around first. The semi-annual subscription is priced at $100 ($20 discount), while the lifetime subscription is priced at $350.

affLIFT Subscriptions

Should you join affLIFT?

It would be a waste not to. Not only does affLIFT provide a wealth of information, but it is also a fun community to be a part of. There are more than 57 thousand members right now, which is saying a lot considering affLIFT’s been around for just two years.

Who knows? But with the help of affLIFT, affiliate marketing may not just be a side hustle, but can become your full-time career.